Forum Title: Why Doesn't the Toilet in My New Basement Bathroom Flush consistently/Properly? pics
Unfinished basement. Small bathroom just built. Whirlpool tub, small sink and toilet. Builder used an Everbilt Pre-Plumbed Sewage Basin System. Model # THD1075. Bathroom was complete and everything seemed fine. Full baths will drain seemingly normal. We've used the tub plenty. Noticed the first day weird issue with sink where it seemed water would just sit after washing hands. Seems like tiny air bubbles under drain. Swishing finger back and forth over drain gets water to empty from sink. I had test flushed the toilet at least 3 times with builder there. How many times do you need to flush, right? Wife comes home and toilet does not flush properly. You know water is leaving the toilet and going into the pump (because, while the water does rise, it does not overflow and the pump will kick on), but it doesn't "flush" and empty the bowl. The toilet will flush normal and correctly 2 or 3 times in a row, but then flush incorrectly as I've described above the next 4 or 5 times we try to flush. Whether it's a normal flush or problem flush, tank empties and fills like a normal toilet would. We have not "used" the toilet yet, so nothing to report about how things look with waste in there. There are 2 things the builder did differently than he said he would before he started. #1 (pic #1) is that he didn't tie the discharge pipe into the existing plumbing where he said he would. He tied the discharge pipe into the pipe that comes down from the upstairs toilet (pic #2). Upstairs toilet works totally fine still. I do notice a slightly lower water level in the upstairs bowl when coming up after messing with the downstairs toilet. #2 is that he did not tie into the existing vent from the upstairs bathroom. He used a Studor vent (pic #3). After explaining toilet problem to builder, he thinks new basement sink needs it's own vent and puts a studor under there as well. Problem is not solved. He will get his plumber and come back. I google Studor Vent, find the Studor site and take a screenshot of the faq page where it says… "The Studor Maxi-vent must be installed 150mm (5.9") above the highest branch connection." I send the screenshot to the builder and ask him if this means that the vent must be 5.9" higher than the branch connection they made into my existing plumbing/pvc pipe from upstairs toilet. He says yes and that it's an easy 5 min fix and he'll be back. But I don't wait. I buy pvc pipe, couplers, primer and cement and raise the vent higher than the branch connection (branch connection that is shown in pic #2) Now, before I raise the vent, I noticed that there seemed to be a leak near the bottom of the discharge pipe at the pump. There is a black thing around the pipe that was not tight. I tightened it. Water was definitely dripping from it (pic #4) Vent is raised, black thing on discharge pipe is tight now so I think that solves the leak (very small amount of water had gathered on top of pump. I have no idea if that was leaking and then drying the entire 10 days the job was done). I flush the toilet and nothing at all has changed. Same exact issues. BUT NOW there are some serious "water bubbles" coming from the bottom of the discharge pipe (Pic #5) whenever I flush. I never noticed that before, but can not say that I ever was looking at the pump when flushing. Please, any help as to what is causing this problem is greatly appreciated! -Pinballer
Category: Plumber Post By: PHILLIP FOSTER (Denton, TX), 08/30/2017

The system will not work with a that type vent.It needs to be vented through the roof. The vent you have will not allow the air in the tank to escape as the tank fills causing back pressure. Who ever you had doing the work has no idea what he is doing.

- TERRY NGUYEN (Addison, IL), 09/22/2017

demand to see a master plumbers license not pay them till the system is plumbed correctly

- CLARA DEAN (Newport Beach, CA), 09/24/2017

You can do a test run, by cutting the studdor vent then flushing the toilet the 6 times

- ALLEN GARZA (Maple Grove, MN), 10/13/2017

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