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Son purchased house with no trip lever drain stoppers on tubs. Tried PF linkage stopper from HD on what appears to be std tub but can not get water to stop at any level. Used inspection camera to look at drain interior to verify where tub drain connects into down pipe. Suspect Sch 40 pipe used, but not sure. Saw in an old thread something about a compression adapter & wondered if this is something to try. Is this the proper term for the "thing" that can be used for the part at a plumbing supply? The other tub is a Jacuzzi-type - no idea of brand - that is taller than a standard tub. I have not personally looked at this one yet, but my son said he tried to put a PF linkage stopper down and could not get much of the linkage down the pipe. Tub seems to drain ok, but I guess it is possible there's something stuck in there. How to determine size needed? House is on a slab. Neither of these tubs have access panels & not willing to cut holes in walls just for convenience of having trip lever drain stoppers. How I miss my plumbing supply store that closed when the owner retired...
Category: Plumber Post By: GRACE GARZA (Clarksville, TN), 12/28/2016

I think SHEPLMBR is on the right track with this one. You may have a common Watco, or other name brand waste and overflow, piped in with plastic piping and the plunger is too small and dropping into the tee. You may only need a cover plate for the overflow and a pop-up/lift and turn style drain stopper that screws into the drain. Try to post some pictures of the waste and overflow on the tub.

- KYLE MUNOZ (Coon Rapids, MN), 09/10/2017

This thread is worthless without pics.

- ANDREA REYES (Cranston, RI), 10/09/2017

The brand of the tub has no real baring on the drain assembly. Get rid of linkage type and pipe with a watco type drain. The other is good for nothing but clogs.

- LORRAINE DAY (Lake Oswego, OR), 10/14/2017

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