Forum Title: Tailpiece for bathroom sink without changing pop-up
Hi. Question regarding bathroom tailpiece, which recently cracked and fell off. I'd like to keep my rubbed bronze pop-up drain and replace only the tailpiece below the sink. I'm having a hard time finding a 1.25" tailpiece and am wondering if a 1.25 tailpiece extension could work if I threaded it on the underside of the sink drain. Wondering if anyone has thoughts. I attached a few pics of the old piece and the existing threads under the sink. Would the product in image 3 work? I could use the flex bc the p trap doesn't line up perfectly. Thx
Category: Plumber Post By: MARC CRAIG (Hollywood, FL), 03/23/2016

Thx. I was hoping to avoid buying a new assembly bc it's tough to Match the color. Is there anything I can use to link up w the existing threads? Maybe not. Thanks again.

- BRYAN COLEMAN (College Station, TX), 09/04/2017

remove the pop up assembly by taking that big nut off. pull the pop up assembly out of the hole. look where the old part was screwed into it. remove any of the broken pieces. buy a whole new complete pop up assembly, and install the parts from the new onto the old

- JENNY NAVARRO (Laguna Niguel, CA), 09/19/2017

Here is image 2

- MELINDA HOLT (Calexico, CA), 09/27/2017

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