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Hello everyone. I'm doing a bathroom reno and moving some plumbing fixtures around (see picture). The shower has been moved from the NW corner to the NE corner, and the toilet is being moved from the center of the N wall to the NW corner. The vanity and tub are staying where they are. So far the shower has been moved and the 1-1/2" pipe that ran E to W has been replaced with 2" pipe. I temporarily capped the 3" pipe for the old toilet and put in the flexible coupling so I could keep the water on. The simplest solution would be to cut out the trap, cap it, then tie the new toilet into the 3" pipe. Other than leaving in unneeded PVC, are there any issues with this? I am more inclined to clean it up by replacing the 3" pipe with 2" pipe up to the new toilet intersection, and removing the old shower PVC completely leaving just the vent coming in from the top. Any thoughts?
Category: Plumber Post By: TYRONE MCCARTHY (Simi Valley, CA), 07/24/2017

Here's a more accurate drawing:

- ERIKA MCGEE (Troy, MI), 09/02/2017

Sorry, I should have been clearer. The new toilet will be on the west wall, 18 on center from the north wall. 12 from the west wall puts the drain hole right in the middle of the those joists. The old toilet was on the north wall, draining at a 90 degree angle to west. I see on your drawing that you moved the intersection of the shower/tub/vanity waste downstream of the toilet. Can I not connect them upstream of the toilet?

- DEREK DAVIDSON (Johnson City, TN), 09/10/2017

you have a problem; where the pipe for the terlet is capped, was that a 90 ? and now, you want the terlet on the same wall, just moved a cou[le feet? 16'' is not enough room, need another picture of the joist space to the left of the future toilet, you are going to have to rip out everything and redo all the drains

- TINA SULLIVAN (Lancaster, OH), 09/23/2017

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