Forum Title: New Vanity: Shelf not deep enough for P-Trap
I'm installing a new vanity, sink etc and the location of the drain outlet is a little too low to install a standard P-Trap. Is it acceptable to angle the new trap (standard p-trap with flexi tube to sink drain) so that it fits within the vanity? Attached is a picture of what I'm talking about. I figure that it would still hold enough water to block off-gassing, but I have no idea if this is acceptable to code or anything of the sort. The picture is coming in sideways for some reason...sorry about that. Thanks for your help with this!
Category: Plumber Post By: ALLISON DOMINGUEZ (Orange, CA), 07/24/2017

So if i came off of the drain at about a 45 deg angle, swap the flex for a straight extension like what youve shown and then hit that with another 45 to the sink drain, that would work? Is flex a no-go in plumbing? I'm just a poor DIYer who cant afford an actual plumber, so just curious. Thanks again.

- LARRY PEREZ (Eagan, MN), 09/22/2017

You need an extension tail piece from the pop-up assembly to the the P-trap do not use that flex **** ImageUploadedByPlumbing Forum1464475105.552583.jpg

- ANITA MENDEZ (Cedar Falls, IA), 10/02/2017

There are many existing threads here as to why you should avoid that flexible tubing, as well as how to fix what you got.

- KAREN TAYLOR (Chino, CA), 10/09/2017

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