Forum Title: Grohe shower faucet has hot and cold reversed going bonkers here. My contractor/plumber may not be back for a while but im trying to find out if he messed up with the hot and cold water on my new Grohe shower faucet. Im showing pics of what it looks like. Basically, when you turn the hot/cold handle left to 9:00 position its cold and turn right to 3:00 position it's hot. Is there an easy fix here that i can do? I'm a novice but i did unscrew all the stuff you see in the pics...i don't know what is what. Thanks in advance
Category: Plumber Post By: BRENT CALDWELL (Visalia, CA), 03/07/2016

cartridge is in upside down pull the cartridge, turn it 180 degrees re inset

- JUANITA AUSTIN (Union City, NJ), 09/04/2017 my bottom pic will make water hot even handle in 3 00 position and should be cold and second to last pic is opposite, making water cold even pointing to hot, 9 00 position.

- LISA MARTINEZ (Portage, IN), 09/11/2017

Frodo like i said im a novice....what and where is the it in one of my pics? and how do i do that? Thanks

- EILEEN BYRD (Nampa, ID), 09/18/2017

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