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Ok so I am completing a pretty complicated DWV system in our dream home. I used 4" for the main 100' trunk line and 3" on all toilet arms and stacks and 2" on all else. I used all cell core schedule 40 PVC. I used blue all weather glue. I absolutely primed all joints (both pieces) and marked and fully seated all joints. Of course I twisted every joint I could as I seated them and held them seated for at least 30 seconds. On then large diameter it was near impossible to twist when seating. So some of those were pushed in fully and held. I absolutely applied ample glue to both pieces before seating. I also very securely hung all sections with plumbers steel tape every 48" on center. As I said this is a pretty complicated install with 5 bathrooms. And a couple other sinks and laundry. Today I glued on a cap at the 4" line that will go to the septic later. I installed a hose bib and a pressure gage and started filling the system thinking that I would fill until I saw it run out the roof. Wanted to confirm my work before inspection. It took 15 minutes to fill about 70%. At that point I found at least 6 leaks at various locations. Some were on 4" joints, a couple on 3" and a couple on 2". Needless to say I was frustrated, stressed, mad but mostly confused. This was not my first rodeo working with PVC so I have not a clue why the leaks. I was wondering if this was caused by the very huge and very heavy amount of water I filled the system with. I am stumped as to how gluing again will fix. And I should add that there are probably a hundred joints in this system so of course many did not l leak. Any help or advice on what happened would be great. Thank you for your time.
Category: Plumber Post By: CHARLIE LAMBERT (Hayward, CA), 08/07/2016

Did you wait atleast 1 hour for the weld to dry .for pvc I always prefer sch 80 grey glue

- KIM LARSON (Lee's Summit, MO), 09/11/2017

Thanks Frodo. First I used cell core because I was told it was as good. Maybe I was misinformed. Wish I had talked to you first. Thought I was saving money without sacrificing quality oops! Yes I did slop the glue on. I'm a pretty careful and detailed guy so that's why I'm so confus d about my leaking drain system. Anyway per my other there any problem with filling this huge system with hundreds of pounds of water to a height of maybe 18'? Is there any way that water weight and volume could have breached some of my glue joints. And lastly when you have a 4 captured joint because of layout and confined in the heck can you twist the fitting before it sets? Thanks I appreciate your comments. Jim

- ENRIQUE MCGEE (Harlingen, TX), 09/18/2017

if the primer and glue were applied correctly, you should have no leaks. i do wonder why you chose the cheap ass cell core pipe? when you applied the glue were you frugal with it, or did you slop it on like someone else was paying for it ? you need to slop it on, let it drip, make a mess. argh argh argh !!!! I carry a rag, wipe the joints as i go, did you turn each fitting a minimum of a 1/4 turn when fitting them together ? gets the air out did you hold the joint till it set up? if not, they WILL back off bottom line, their is no excuses for a pvc leak except improper glueing practice

- COREY BARRETT (Urbandale, IA), 09/19/2017

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