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I'm running a chilled water cooling system to maintain temperature on my fermentation vessels. The total volume of water required exceeds the capacity of the chiller basin. My question is what is the best way to avoid flooding the chiller when the valve to one of the vessels is closed? Will the water run back to the chiller because of siphon effect? Can I put the valve just before the return to the chiller to avoid having the remaining water run down into the chiller? If I do so will the chilled water behind the valve remain cold or will it warm up because the flow stopped? Thanks in advance.
Category: Plumber Post By: SYLVIA HARPER (Syracuse, NY), 06/22/2017

Quote: Originally Posted by frodo i have a 30 gallon drum i ferment in... That is a big beer keg frodo...

- PEARL SCHWARTZ (Pittsburg, CA), 09/05/2017

not sure which system you are referring to. a chiller is a coil inside another coil [like a liebig] the outer coil is cooled by refrigerant, which cools the water as it circulates thru the coil please explain your system,,,we can do this, i have a 30 gallon drum i ferment in... i keep it in the house to keep it cool. have you thought about using a copper coil inside the ferment bucket ?

- ANTHONY LEE (Meridian, MS), 09/13/2017

OK. So first off, thanks for the replies...Secondly, this is on a much larger scale...haha. They are 8bbl fermenters. The chiller unit is a water bath with the a/c lines running through it. The chiller cools the water to somewhere around 40f. There is a circulation pump that sends the water through the lines, into the jacket on the FV, then back to the chiller. I'm setting up two zones, one for each FV that have servo valves to let water run through the jacket. I need to know if I close off a valve before the FV will the water left in the jacket and rest of the lines run back to the chiller? (bad because it will overflow). Or if I put the valve at the end of the return line will the water in the line before the valve stay cold (bad because then it will effectively be cooling all of the time).

- LUCY FRAZIER (Chico, CA), 10/10/2017

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